Tuesday, 8 January 2008


I suppose it's "traditional" to post a New Year welcome message, so I thought I'd start off by looking at where people are moving to.

Apart from the traditional "oil" expats in Nigeria, Middle East and Central Asia, we've seen Brazil and Argentina become much more popular destinations for business expats. India and China remain frequent subjects for the training I'm involved in, although the number of actual expats seems to be in decline - more and more companies seem to prefer either using local management companies, or relying on a combination of visits and remote management. This is particularly true for companies in Russia, where the soaring cost of expat life, along with perceived security issues makes people reluctant to move their families to Russia.

At Farnham Castle we have been doing a lot more in intercultural personal development in recent months. More and more companies are recognising that cultural misunderstandings are effecting their productivity. The main change is that attendees on our courses have become more outwardly focussed. Historically, the focus has been "getting on with" colleagues, but more and more frequently we are asked to help develop relationships with business partners, clients, suppliers and governments, and more commonly the training is aimed at a global or regional work, rather than with a specific culture. For the future I can see that anyone working internationally is going to be expected to have global skills, and knowledge of a single specific market is likely to be much less valued.


Mike said...

I have been an expatriate most of my proffessional life. I have recently re-discovered the world of blogging and think it is great that people can contribute whatever they can for the benefit of others.

It would be great if you can insert links of my 2 blogs on your blog: www.execeduinsights.blogspot.com and www.cyprusissue.blogspot.com
Michalis A. Michael

MattMacL said...

Certainly will do! Look for them later on today

Roberto said...


I picked up on your blog from our dear friends, Kyle and Svetlana at Windows to Russia. I believe your predictions are pretty on target! Here in Panama we are observing how the Panamanians are having to become more globally minded if they are to keep up with and even prosper from all the technical as well as the economic activity that Panama, as a crossroads, is attracting.
Thanks for this very interesting view from a business expat. I would like to put your link on my favorite blogs list if it's ok with you.

Best regards,

MattMacL said...

Thanks for the comments! I'll add your link as well, and try to post something this week - I've been away for a bit on business, but got loads to collate from that trip!